Sunday, March 4, 2012

Having one of those days...maybe one of those weeks.

It has not been a stellar week. My student teaching-ness is really starting to stick out like a sore thumb I think.

Have you ever just felt like nothing is in order, like you just need to make lists and then when you go back to look at the lists you made it doesn't make sense or calm you down? 
I feel like my head is spinning.  I am comfort eating. I think I gained 10 pounds this weekend. 
I feel out of control!
 Currently at this very moment  I am freaking out because I have to come up with a fabulous St. Patrick's day craft for my Kinders to complete and hang in the hallway and I don't have a clue. Sounds silly but everything has to be spectacular.
I also have to come up with at least 1 week of math and language arts lessons that have data I can collect for my masters. BUT WHEN!!! Data collection freaks me out. Kindergarteners and data collection is a huge time drainer when you have half day kindergarten. My AM/PM Kinders are only with me for about 3 hours each. Every minute is precious learning time! There is so much to learn and I feel like I am really struggling to pull everything together without being super literal. And then there is that resume I should be working on. Oh... but I'm not. My mind is spinning in a million directions. Which was why I made some lists. Which didn't seem to help.
Where has my weekend gone! I literally have not left my bedroom, but to go to the bathroom and grab unhealthy food. My back hurts...its dark again. School tomorrow. Ugggh!
I could just cry.

Anyways.... I'm off to have a nice pity party. In attendance?
some HD-PB ice cream

Some OC Housewives(see Vicki is already crying!)
If anyone is local, feel free to join me. Trust me, I have PLENTY of HD ice cream. Lots of spoons.