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I am Miss S... the teaching, crafting, blogging, and pinning student teacher. 
I am currently pursuing my Master's in Teaching with an endorsement in Special Education and I will graduate in May, 2012.
I live in Yorkville, Illinois with my parents(I'm poor!) and my dogs, Baylee, Josey and Dakota.
I also student teach Kindergarten in my town, which is fabulous! I love early primary and if I could, I would definitely stick with the small kiddos.
I am originally from Wisconsin, so watch out! I have an unhealthy love for the Packers and all things up north. I have a secret "up north" accent that tends to come out when I spend time with my relatives (sentences suddenly end in  HEY?!?) and I also find a weekend full of fishing, four-wheeling, and sitting around doing absolutely nothing in the middle of a dense forest the best possible way to spend a weekend. I try to go to Wisconsin as much as possible. 

Our cabin in Northern Wisconsin.
I'm about to go fishing... with "weighters" on(This is a really embarrassing picture)
My amazing wonder dog Baylee jumping in the river at the cabin. She loves to swim!

I'm a true home-body. In my free time you can normally find me relaxing with the family(I have a new niece who is the apple of my eye) or trying to stay in shape(I like to spin or Zumba). I also happen to love  Mexican food(which is why I need to workout!) and I really enjoy going out to dinner with friends. I thank heaven for the DVR because I love trashy reality TV(hello housewives).
The family and I

My niece, Evelina!

Finally, I love a good laugh. Nothing is better than that feeling where your stomach and face hurt from laughing!
My best friend Kelly... always there for a good laugh and a smile!
 I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe just maybe you'll learn something. You might even smile:)

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