Saturday, January 21, 2012

100th Day

The 100th day of Kindergarten is a really big deal. In fact, the anticipation of Zero the Hero arriving in 10 school days has even me excited. Therefore, I am happy to share with you my random 100th day projects I plan on completing for this very special day!

1) ZERO THE HERO MASCOT! On Friday morning, one of my students asked if Zero the Hero was real, which got me  thinking about a neat post I saw on the Blog, Read Write Sing

 Chrissy over at Read Write Sing took a $5.00 doll, a red washcloth, some golden pants from an old Rapunzel doll, and some red thread and WALLLLA!  DONE and DONE! I cannot wait to make something like this for 100th day. Just another reason to go to Target this weekend:) Thanks Chrissy for this brilliant idea!

 Check these puppies out.


 Found these over at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class Blog.
The designs are free, but you have to make the shirts :)  All you need are white t-shirts and t-shirt transfer paper(I use Avery Transfer paper, which you can also get at Target!)

FREE 100th day T-shirt printable

3)100th DAY HATS! Pretty cool.. and everyone loves a hat!

I found these cool hats on the blog The Teacher's Wife. According to her post, the students used 100 paper strips and it only took them about 30 minutes! I would probably have the strips already pre-cut.

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