Monday, January 16, 2012

So I've become a blogger

Well this is different. 
I would say welcome, but I have no followers. It's probably for the best.  Silly me, I jumped into this blog experience thinking it would be easy! You know, the student teacher reflecting on her first teaching experience... how "unique." However, before you become discouraged, please note that MY fun, interesting, and SUPER exciting blog will have a special twist because I am addicted to Pinterest. This of course means that I will be adding lots of FAB pins and opinions{cue cheers!}.

So about me.
I am a student teacher currently obsessed with all things kindergarten! I am also pursuing my special education endorsement. On a personal note, here are a few fun tid-bits about me! I L-O-V-E my two Jack Russell Terriers named Baylee and Josey, I try to pretend I like exercising(does anyone else sing the Dirty dancing theme song over and over in their head as they run?), and I need Mexican food weekly to be happy. I also enjoy a lil' SC(sour cream- that's right, we are on an initial basis) on everything, and  I have a weakness for anything Real Housewives(they should just have a TV channel called RHTV)! Did I also mention I am the world's biggest Green Bay Packer Fan?
I hope that my future followers will enjoy this blog as much as I will!
Baylee was looking especially darling at Christmas!

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