Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sight Word Snow Ball Fight!

This week our class was very excited because we FINALLY had a major snow fall.
This snow was long overdue for the Midwest considering that last week we had temperatures well into the 50's!
As a celebration, my cooperating teacher, Miss M., decided to harness the extra energy only a new snow fall can bring, and have a SIGHT WORD SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!
Here is a summary of this activity for you to try in your classroom!

Sight Word Snow Ball Fights
In this activity, students each are given a piece of paper with a sight word on it. The paper is then crumpled into a "snowball." Students either pass the snowballs around a circle or throw the balls safely at one another until a timer goes off or you the teacher asks the students to stop.  Then, each student opens their snowball and reads their new sight word!
Fun times, great way to get some energy out, and students learn with 100% engagement!
**NOTE: You will want to discuss classroom safety prior to starting this activity( we set rules including no throwing at one another, no diving for balls, no running, etc.)
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