Friday, February 3, 2012

Hooray! Today was my first 100th day!

Today was 100th day! I was oh so excited.
As promised, I made my Pinterest T-shirts for myself  and Miss M.We looked  cool:)
( If you want to know how to make these shirts, please see my previous 100th day post!)

As you can see, we  also made the 100 strip hats that I had previously blogged about.

So..... because we are half day kindergarten(AM and PM) there was just no way my kiddos could possibly a)cut out 100 strips, AND b)glue/tape them onto a strip of paper, AND c) then create a hat, AND d)still have time for 100th day centers!

However, being the crazy person I am, (and obviously not so great at math) I insisted that we must do these fabulous hats. 


Well, I have been cutting strips for the last two weeks. That's 3000 strips(plus two teacher hats).

 The hats were a HUGE success! The kids loved them, I loved them, everyone loved them! The kids felt so special walking around the school. No other grade or class had cool hats like us! It was worth every strip I cut! 
  • We also had a wall of 100 items(each child brought 100 things from home to display)

  • We did 100 day centers that included the following:
-The kiddos completed a 100 item scavenger hunt(for example 10 crayons, 10 teachers, 10 chairs)...this required them to go outside our classroom. WE even had to go into the teacher's lounge to find those 10 teachers! They loved it!

-They drew and wrote about what they would do with 100 dollars. Then they each received "100 dollars" to take home!(this was a huge success by the way)


-They played the dice game "Race to 100"

-They found out how many times they could write their names in 100 seconds, how many jumping jacks in 100 seconds, etc.
  • Oh and did I mention our door even looked kinda cool when the kiddos walked in?

We finished the day off with a special treat.....100th day cookies!

I am exhausted! What a day! I am so happy our 100th day fell on a Friday.... I will definitely need two days to recover!



  1. Wow! That looks amazing!!!!! Love all of the things you did, just found your blog! Im your newest follower!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  2. I just discovered your blog and became a follower. I love your hundred day of school hats! The 100th day of school and Valentines Day falls on the same day for me this year. Yikes! I hope you have a fantastic week of teaching!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering such a great discription of your behavior model. I will definitely try it. I am your newest follower.

    Queen with Class

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment made my day! Love your blog as well!!!

    "Kindergarten Kel

  5. Love all your 100's day ideas. I feel like a total stalker but on accident! I currently just started a blog as one of my assignments for my ESL endorsement and was looking through blogs and found yours. As I as scrolling down I got to the picture of you and Miss M in your 100's day shirts! She was my old college room mate! Congrats on getting into a great classroom with a wonderful mentor! Love your blog!

  6. Just found your blog and now I'm a follower. Love all your classroom activities. Thanks for sharing them.
    I tried making the 100th day shirt, but in black and totally botched it up! I know, its the easiest thing in the world but......I still messed it up and ruined a perfectly good cheap T! lol!

  7. Oh my fun! I skipped back to this post in your blog because our 100th day is Thursday and I wanted to see what y'all did. I can't imagine having to prep for two classes of sure are earning your "stripes" with this internship! :) I'm glad you found me so I could keep up with your blog!