Friday, February 3, 2012

SO I dropped my phone in the toilet.... and some giveaways I just must mention!

Yesterday started out promising. It as my first Groundhog day and I was SUPER excited. I taught a fabulous lesson(Pinterest inspired of course), I took a ton of pictures for my blog and overall, things were going really well. Good class participation. Good listening.
Then I had to go to the bathroom. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I actually dropped my phone in the toilet. My DROID phone.
After I had gone to the bathroom.(Let me just tell you that after this happened, the day pretty much went down hill). 
So, now I am stuck with a temporary, ghetto, turn- of- the - century cell phone for the next couple days until my replacement phone arrives. I also am stuck with the residual trauma caused by my NON- HYGIENIC experience. You see, when one's phone drops into the toilet, one instantly reach for it. One does not  think what they are doing.  Because its your phone. (You know, the phone that cost like $200.00 dollars with all the cool "apps," the Words with Friends, the GPS and the Facebook, and my pictures and MY LIFE ON IT.)  Then you realize that maybe you should have probably gotten maybe some rubber gloves before reaching into the bathroom toilet. I think I scrubbed my arm for a good 20 minutes.  I have this thing about germs sometimes(you should have seen me when the class next to us had a LICE outbreak... I was ready to shave my head.)
UGHHHHHH!  Note to self, put phone down before using bathroom!

Anyways, I will be posting my Groundhog pics  but I had to take them today again on my temporary phone which doesn't seem to have that great of a camera. So I apologize.

On a brighter note, I couldn't help but notice the blogs have lit up with giveaways. And you know I love free stuff.

Here are just a few fabulous sites you need to go check out!

1)Busy in Kindergarten is celebrating her 150th follower! She is giving away 3 prizes(to three different winners). Prizes include a teacher bucket, a gift certificate, and custom made cards from an Etsy shop! Ends 2/7

2)Buggy for Second Grade is celebrating 200 followers! She is giving away a magnetic board that is super cute! Check it out and be sure to enter her giveaway too! Ends 2/5

3) Heather's Heart is doing a really awesome giveaway too! She is giving a CD and a custom T-shirt from Sewing Sassy Etsy shop to a lucky winner. Ends 2/10

4)Paste and Pearls is giving away a special TPT Valentine math, literacy and craft unit. Ends 2/5(?)

5)The Resource(ful) Room is having a big give away too! She is giving away a bunch of breast cancer inspired goodies from the pink ribbon line at Kohl's. Items include a bag, a pink scarf, and coffee mug. She is also including an Eric Carle book and stuffed animal for your classroom! Ends 2/5, after the Superbowl

6) Ms. Solano's Kindergarten is having a huge giveaway to celebrate her 40th B-day! Tanya is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates to Erin Check it out.... ends Feb.17th!



  1. I can't imagine! Germs and I don't get along either. :)

    Forever in First

  2. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! Our principal had her phone in a bag of rice this morning, she was helping her daughter use the bathroom in a resturant and dropped her phone, public restroom, OMG...GERMS!!

  3. Oh, thank you for sharing my giveaway! I love having giveaways and winning them too! LOL

  4. ahhhh!!!!!!!! I've dropped mine in the bathroom too, but LUCKILY it fell on the floor! So now whenever I go to the bathroom, I make sure to take it OUT of my back pocket

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

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